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Bibliography : Emyr Humphreys

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1. Emyr Humphreys work (Oeuvre d'Emyr Humphreys) :

Saga :
- Land of the Living [old named "Bonds of Attachment" or "The Land of the Living"] :
the saga of the 7 novels :
Flesh and Blood, The Best of Friends, Salt of the Earth, An Absolute Hero, Open Secrets, National Winner, Bonds of Attachment.

Novels (Romans) :
- The Little Kingdom, London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1946*.
- The Voice of a Stranger, London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1949*.
- A Change of Heart, London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1951*.
- Hear and Forgive, London, Gollancz, 1952,
London, Macdonald, 1971*.
- A Man's Estate, London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1955,
London, J.M. Dent & Sons, 1988*.
- The Italian Wife, London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1957*.
- A Toy Epic, London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1958,
London, Grey Arrow, 1961*,
Poetry Wales Press, Seren Books, 1989.
- The Gift, London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1963*.
- Outside the House of Baal, London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1965,
London, J.M. Dent & Sons, 1988*.
- National Winner, London, Macdonald, 1971,
London, Sphere Books, 1990*.
- Flesh and Blood, London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1974,
London, Sphere Books, 1986*.
- The Best of Friends, London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1978,
London, Sphere Books, 1987*.
- The Anchor Tree, London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1980*.
- Jones, London, J.M. Dent & Sons, 1984*.
- Salt of the Earth, London, J.M. Dent & Sons, 1985,
London, Sphere Books, 1987*.
- An Absolute Hero, London, J.M. Dent & Sons, 1986,
London, Sphere Books, 1988*.
- Open Secrets, London, J.M. Dent & Sons, 1988*.
- Bonds of Attachment, London, Sphere Books, 1991*.

Novels in Welsh (Romans en gallois) :
- Y Tri Llais, Llandybie, Llyfrau'r Dryw, 1958, (Welsh version of A Toy Epic by Emyr Humphreys).
- Etifed Y Glyn, Llandysul, Gomer, 1981, (Welsh translation of A Man's Estate by W.J. Jones).

Books in Welsh (Ouvrages en gallois) :
- Dal Pen Rheswm
Cyfreliadau gydag Emyr Humphreys
Golygwyd gan R. Arwel Jones 1999

Short-Stories (Nouvelles) :
- Natives, London, Secker & Warburg, 1968.

Uncollected Short-Stories (Nouvelles indépendantes) :
- "Down in the Heel on Duty", New English Review, London, 1947.
- "Michael Edwards: The Nationalist at College", Wales, Vol. 7, Nų 26 , London, 1947, pp. 265-280.
- "Michael Edwards at College", Wales, Vol. 7, Nų 27, London, 1947, pp. 343-363.
- "A Girl in the Ice", New Statesman, London, 1953.
- "The Obstinate Bottle", New Statesman, London, 1953.
- "Mrs. Armitage", Welsh Short Stories, London, Faber, 1959.
- "The Arrest", Madog 3, Barry, 1977.

Non-Fiction (Etudes / Essais) :
- The Taliesin Tradition : A Quest for the Welsh Identity, Black Raven Press, 1983, Seren Books, 1989*.

Books in French (Ouvrages en francais) :
- HUMPHREYS, Emyr, Ecoute et pardonne,
Roman traduit de l'anglais par Jacques et Jean Tournier,
Editions Plon, Collection Feux Croisés, Paris, 1955.
Traduction du roman Hear and Forgive,
Référence Bibliothèque Nationale : fiche 449, In-16, 277 p. 570 fr. [D.L. 12748-55]
[8ų Z. 24-206 (181)] -XcR-.
- "Emyr Humphreys : Ecoute et pardonne " [A.B.], Livres nouveaux, Revue La Table Ronde, Mardi 6 Décembre 1955, pp. 163-164.

Poetry (Poèmes) :
- "1536-1936, "A Young Man Considers his Prospects", Wales, 1939, pp. 202-203.
- "1536-1936", "Unloading Hay", "Sympathy Explained", "A Nonconformist", Modern Welsh Poetry,
Editor Keidrych Rhys, editor, Faber and Faber, London, 1946, pp. 70-72.
- Ancestor Worship, A cycle of eighteen poems, Denbigh:Gee, 1970.
- "Ancestor Worship", "A Democratic Vista", "From Father to Son", Poems '70, Editor Wyn Binding, Gwasg Gomer Llandysul, Wales, 1970, pp. 20-23.
- "Poet of the Old North", Ancestor Worship, ‚pigraphe :
"E bore dw Sadwrn cad fawr a fu -- ", 1970, pp. 2-3.
- "a Rural Man", Second Aeon, Nų 13, Edited by Peter Finch, Cardiff, 1971, pp. 59.
- Landscapes, A Sequence of songs, Beckenham, Chimaera Press, 1979.
- The Kingdom of Brƒn, Ragged Robin Press, London, 1979.
- The Kingdom of Brƒn, Adapted from the Mabinogi by Emyr Humphreys, Beckenham, Keith Holmes, 1979.
- Pwyll A Riannon, Adapted from the Mabinogi by Emyr Humphreys, Beckenham:Keith Holmes, 1980.
- Miscellany Two, Bridgend, Poetry Wales Press, 1981.
- "Show Business", A New Poem, Planet, Nų 91, February / March 1992, pp.17-18.

Plays (Pièces de théâtre) :
- Siwan, translation and adaptation of a Welsh-language play by Saunders Lewis, 1960.
- Roman Dream, libretto, 1968.
- An Apple and a Pig, libretto, 1969.
- Dinas, play in Welsh, with W.S. Jones, 1970.

Articles by Emyr Humphreys (Items) :
- "Replies to "Wales" Questionnaire", Wales, Vol. VI, Nų 23, 26 August 1946, p. 27.
- "A Season in Florence : 1945", Wales, Vol. VI, Nų 24, 1946, pp. 120-124.
- Emyr Humphreys, Wales, Vol. VII, Nų 26, Caernarfon, June 1947, p. 264.
- "Michaels Edwards: The Nationalist at College", Two Chapters from a New Novel, Wales, Vol. VII, Nų 26, 1947, pp. 265-280.
- "Michaels Edwards at College", Chapters Three and Four, Wales, Vol. VII, Nų 27, 1947, pp. 343-363.
- "A Protestant View of the Modern Novel", radio talk recorded at Bangor in March 1953,
The Listener, Vol. XLIX, Nų 1257, 2 April 1953, pp. 557-559.
- "The Welsh Novel", Ysgrifennu cyfoes yng Nghymru, I. Y nofel. (Contemporary writing in Wales, I. The novel),
Lleufer 18, 1, Wales, 1962, pp.4-8.
- "Outside the House of Baal", Mabon, 1965, pp. 30-40.
- "The Welsh Condition", A Plaid Cymru Publication, reprinted from The Spectator, 28 March 1970, pp. 1-7.
- "The Welsh Condition", Annual Book of the Celtic League, Ed. F.G. Thompson, Eire, 1971, pp. 68-73.
- "In Love with an Island", The Spectator, in Personal Column, 22 August 1970, p. 181.
- "Outline of a Necessary Figure", Presenting Saunders Lewis, Edited by Alun R. Jones and Gwyn Thomas, University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 1973, pp. 6-13.
- "The Loss of Incantation", Welsh Music, Nų4 / 5, 1973 / 1974, pp. 67-73.
- "Two Episodes", Planet, Nų 39, August 1977, pp. 24-34.
- "Poetry, Prison and Propaganda", Planet, Nų 43, June / August 1978, pp. 17-23.
- "The Night of the Fire", Planet, Nų 49 / 50, January 1980, pp. 74-94.
- "Taliesin and Frank Lloyd Wright", Welsh Books & Writers (Llˆn A Llyfrau Cymru), Published by the Welsh Books Council (Cyngor Llyfrau Cymraeg) , Aberystwyth, Dyfed, Wales, Autumn 1980, pp. 3-5.
- "A Perpetual Curate", The Powys Review, Nų8, Vol. II, 1980 / 1981, pp. 22-27, p. 91.
- "Chasing shadows", Arcade, Nų6, 1980 / 1981, p. 21.
- "Of poor Bertolt Brecht", Arcade, Nų17, 26 June / 9 July 1981, pp. 20-21.
- "Faith and a Nation's Fate", Arcade, Nų21, 4 / 17 September 1981, pp. 14-15.
- "The Road to Rhyl", Planet, Nų52, August / September 1985, pp. 81-82.
- "An Absolute Hero: Two chapters (ii / xiv) from Emyr Humphreys's forthcoming novel", Planet, Nų52, August / September 1985, pp. 83-96.
- "The Third Difficulty : Fact and Fiction ; the role of the novel in the age of the new media",
S.A.E.S. Brest 9-11 mai 1986 - XXVI e CongrŠs, Universit‚ de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, 1987, pp. 123-132.
- "The Third Difficulty", Pays de Galles, cosse, Irlande, Actes du CongrŠs de Brest - Mai 1986,
Cahiers de Bretagne Occidentale, Nų 7, Soci‚t‚ des Anglicistes de l'Enseignement Sup‚rieur (S.A.E.S.),
Centre de Recherche Bretonne et Celtique, UA 374 du CNRS, Facult‚ des Lettres et Sciences Sociales,
Universit‚ de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, 1987, pp. 3-16.
- "Under the Yoke", The New Welsh Review, Nų 3, Vol. 1, Winter 1988, pp. 9-13.
- "Fragile Threads", An extract from a new novel, Bonds of Attachment, Planet, Nų 77, October / November 1989, pp. 24-32.
- "The Crucible of Myth", W.D. Thomas Memorial Lecture, Published by University College of Swansea, Wales, 21 May 1990, pp. 1-20.
- "A Lost Leader ?", Emyr Humphreys on the Britishness of Huw Wheldon, Planet, Nų83, October / November 1990, pp. 3-11.
- "Open Secrets", in Discovering Welshness, Edited and introduced by Fiona Bowie and Oliver Davies,
Published with the support of the Welsh Arts Council, Printed by Gomer Press, 1992, pp. 54-55.
- Emyr Humphreys's interviews, Caernarfon and Denbigh Herald, 12&19 August 1988.

2. Bibliography :

A Complete Bibliography of Writing about Emyr Humphreys' novels :
- HARRIS, John, (Dr), A Bibliographical Guide to Twenty-Four Modern Anglo-Welsh Writers, "Emyr Humphreys",
Aberystwyth College of Librarianship, University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 1994, pp. 103-118.

A Bibliography in the following thesis :
- VANXXXXX, Marie, " Crise d'identité dans le roman d'expression anglaise de l'écrivain gallois Emyr Humphreys ".
Thèse de doctorat en lettres, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Faculté des Lettres, Département d'Anglais, Brest, 12 Décembre 1996.

3. Critiques littéraires (Critiques, Articles) :
To be completed.
See thesis bibliography.

4. Thèse
- VANXXXXX, Marie, " Crise d'identité dans le roman d'expression anglaise de l'écrivain gallois Emyr Humphreys ".
Thèse de doctorat en lettres, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Faculté des Lettres, Département d'Anglais, Brest, 12 Décembre 1996.
This thesis is available at :
+ Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBC), Brest, France
Site UBO Brest - Thèse
+ Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, UK
+ Site ANRT Thèses

Résumé Thèse:
Le sujet de cette thèse envisage les problèmes d'identité individuels et collectifs que rencontrent la société et la culture galloises dans la période de 1920-1980, essentiellement dans les communautés non-conformistes du nord du Pays de Galles. L'écrivain Emyr Humphreys présente en effet aux gallois leurs propres troubles identitaires en utilisant l'outil pédagogique du roman. Le choix de la problématique s'est orienté sur "la réponse à la crise d'identité au Pays de Galles apportée par Emyr Humphreys dans ses romans". Une présentation de l'oeuvre de l'écrivain permet de déterminer sa position dans la littérature galloise et de définir sa technique littéraire. L'analyse de la crise d'identité porte en premier lieu sur les dimensions de l'anglicisation et des différences internes au Pays de Galles. En se référant à la spécificité galloise, elle est complétée par une analyse des référents identitaires gallois principaux : la littérature, la nation, la langue, la culture, la religion, la morale et le mythe. Pour chaque dimension ou référent, une réponse locale de l'écrivain à la crise d'identité est apportée. Une synthèse détermine finalement la réponse globale de l'écrivain à la crise d'identité.

Abstract Thesis :
The subject of this thesis considers the individual and collective identity problems of the Welsh society and culture from the twenties (1920) up to the eighties (1980) within the north Wales non conformist communities mainly. The own identity difficulties of the welsh are in fact well-set out by the writer Emyr Humphreys who uses the novel as an appropriate pedagogical tool. The problematic issue we have given importance to deals with "the identity crisis answer in wales as brought up by Emyr Humphreys in his novels". We have determined the writer's position in welsh literature and defined his literary technique through a study of his work. First of all, the analysis of the identity crisis is concerned with the dimensions of anglicization and internal differences in Wales. Then, through the reference to welshness, it is supplemented by an analysis of the main Welsh identity referents : literature, nation, language, culture, religion, morale and myth. So, the writer's specific answers to the identity crisis are set out according to each dimension or referent. Finally, a synthesis gives us the writer's overall answer to the identity crisis.

5. Articles

- VANXXXXX, Marie, " Le roman social dans l'oeuvre d'Emyr Humphreys ".
Revue d'Etudes Anglophones E-REA 2.2, Université de Provence (LERMA), Automne 2004.
Article E-REA
- VANXXXXX, Marie, " The Protestant novel in Emyr Humphreys's fiction ", 2006. Non publié.
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